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We at “Touchpoint Gourmet Consultants” a division of “IEATS Food Concepts LLP” are very pleased that you have chosen us for providing “Nutritional Analysis” & “Climate Footprint Analysis” for the recipes of your restaurant or organization. This analysis can help you with your menu or food product labelling. We at TGC are “Recipe Analytics” experts since the 2000’s, some of our main services are listed below:

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional analysis of recipes is a process of determining the nutritional content of a recipe. This analysis helps people to make informed decisions about the food they consume. Nutritional analysis provides information about the number of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals in a recipe. It is important to conduct nutritional analysis of recipes to ensure that people are consuming a balanced diet. Your customers have a right to know.

We use the USDA National Nutrient Database and the ICMR Database for Indian ingredients to conduct these calculations for you. Using our proprietary algorithm to calculate the numbers we provide an extensive report which covers 109 different nutrients.


Climate Footprint Analysis

Climate footprint analysis of recipes is the process of determining the environmental impact of a recipe. This analysis helps people to understand the carbon emissions and other environmental impacts associated with the production and consumption of food. Climate footprint analysis of recipes is important because food production and consumption contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental issues, such as water use and land degradation. Food is 25% of global emissions.

We use certified Climate Footprint database to make these calculations and give you an approximate estimate of the kg CO2e per dish on your menu. This calculation might help you and your valued customers to make informed decisions keeping in mind the carbon footprint of the dish they plan to consume.



What is the source of our data for carrying out nutritional analysis?

We completely rely on the database and calculations provided by USDA as this is the most reliable source of these complex calculations that need to be carried out. We use our proprietary algorithm to calculate these 109 values. Therefore, the data provided to you is accurate and is “100% compliant with USDA standards”.


What is the source of our data for carrying out the climate footprint analysis?

We use globally verified climate intelligent platforms and APIs to carry out this analysis. We give you carbon emissions data with different accuracy levels which are calculated by at-farm values or at-store values which includes carbon footprint data at different stages such as transportation, storage, cooking method and cooking time per dish. We calculate with accuracy, act with great impact and share transparent results with you.


How do we ensure your recipe data is secure with us?

Please be rest assured that your data is safe with us. We do not store any of our customer’s recipes with us. After analysing the recipe, we permanently delete the data soon after 15 days of analysis being performed on it. This is our strict data privacy policy. We also provide a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” to our clients that protect their interests. You can download the “Non-Disclosure Agreement” PDF here. This document will restrict us as a service provider to use your data in any form whatsoever.


33000+ recipes already analysed.

We have successfully analysed more than 33000 recipes and delivered accurate data to our clients. Some of our esteemed clients that we have delivered our analysis to are listed in the client section below.

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